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EASO Newsletter September 2017
Introducing our 25th annual Congress, ECO2018

ECO2018: Call for Abstracts

Online abstract submission and registration for #ECO2018 in Vienna are openSpread the word within your professional community and contribute to the scientific programme of the congress by suggesting a symposium theme or submitting your abstract.  Abstract submission deadline for ECO2018 is Sunday, 7 January 2018. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Visit the ECO2018 website to explore themes for abstract submission and register your interest.

In this section we are pleased to share the latest EASO news and announcements, highlight upcoming meetings, and introduce you to members of the EASO community
NIU 2017 Autumn School 
Gut microbiota: from conception through adulthood

We are pleased to share the final programme for the highly selective New Investigators United educational offering in Palma, Majorca.

 View the programme on the EASO website

Centers for Obesity Management Summit 
18-19 October 2017

We are pleased to share the programme for our upcoming COMs Educational Summit, held this year in Tønsberg, Norway. We have an excellent international programme organised for all members of our Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management, which now include over 75 centers in 25 countries across Europe. The course is available without charge.

To attend or send a representative from your national association, please notify your National Association President, or send a note to us at

A formal proposal of the European Association for the Study of Obesity to improve the ICD-11 diagnostic criteria for obesity has been issued. The recommendation is based on three dimensions: etiology, degree of adiposity and health risk.

Proposal to Improve the ICD-11 Diagnostic Criteria for Obesity

Obesity Media Masterclass: Reporting Obesity

EASO is pleased to share videos from our ECO2017 Obesity Media Masterclass in Porto. We were fortunate to have Sarah Boseley, Health Editor of The Guardian share a journalist's perspective on reporting obesity. She is joined by EASO Patient Council representatives and internationally recognised obesity experts.

View the Media Masterclass on the EASO website

EASO Train the Trainer
Summer Session 2017: A Patient Perspective

Sven Schubert, member of the EASO Patient Council representing Ireland, talks about his experience at the EASO Train the Trainer Summer Session.

Each of us approached the podium microphone and introduced ourselves and our vision for "When I go home, I'm going to..." which were projects we hope to implement as part of our participation in the training.
It was encouraging to see such a diverse group of professions, cultures and ambitions working together; the following 2.5 days were promising to be exciting and productive!

Read the full story on the EASO website

EASO Patient Council Spotlight:
Barbara Andersen of Austria 

"My role as a patient representative is a new one, I joined this year (2017).  There is a lot to learn and to do - to build up a community, to connect with hospitals, doctors, health system and to inform patients about all options around bariatric surgery and obesity, to creating a platform or develop a social media group and so on ....but this is still a work in progress!"

Read the full interview on the EASO website

Systems Thinking and Obesity:
Meet Bruce Y Lee 

"If you just try to tell people to improve their diets, what if they are surrounded by unhealthy food and people who eat unhealthy food? If you just try to reduce fat in foods, what if they eat more sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients? If you tell people to exercise more, what if they don't have access to parks or running trails or can't afford to play sports? This is just a small sample of how complex a problem obesity is, since your genetics, biology, behaviors, family, friends, co-workers, environment, financial situation, and many other systems affect your weight."

Read the full interview on the EASO website

We are pleased to announce that the current issue of OBESITY FACTS (OFA) is now available online. 

View the issue on the OFA website

The 1st International DiaObesity Summit

DiaObesity2017, the Diabetes & Obesity Summit, will take place  22-24 November, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel. This international meeting will focus on the prevalent and rapid increase in the relationship between two modern epidemics: obesity and Type-2 diabetes and their associated complications.

The Summit will commence with a day long interactive workshop, in which delegates will be able to exchange ideas with other specialists in practicum sessions. A two-day Summit, led by international experts follows, covering the latest research and treatment strategies, including both Conference sessions and satellite symposia.

Abstract submission is open on the DiaObesity website
** ECO2018: Accommodation Scam Alert **

If you are contacted by any other company or agency offering housing for ECO 2018 in Vienna, please note that these companies are not authorised to represent the ECO 2018 in any way, nor do they have access to the officially contracted ECO 2018 room blocks and rates.

For more information, visit the EASO website

EASO Education: 
Addressing Adult Obesity Myths

Many common myths and dogmas undermine the successful management of obesity. In society and within the healthcare system, these myths contribute to a culture in which people are prone to make assumptions about the values or the lifestyles of individuals who have obesity.

mdBriefCase Group has been the trusted source of FREE accredited online continuing professional development (CPD) programs for healthcare practitioners since 2001. Programme registration and participation is completely FREE.

Register today on the mdBriefCase website
4th International RACMEM Conference

EASO is pleased to announce the 4th International Recent Advances and Controversies in Measurement of Energy Metabolism (RACMEM) Conference in Fribourg, Switzerland October 20-22, 2017.

View more information on the event flyer

The NoHoW is an H2020 project on weight loss maintenance. 

Read the most recent newsletter on the project website.

Become a Part of the EASO
New Investigators United Consortium

EASO's New Investigators United was established in 2005 and now acts as an informal community for new investigators to collaborate on projects and to share experiences and expertise.  The NIU initiative combines an online community with an annual event at the ECO, where new investigators have an opportunity to meet, interact and share ideas with colleagues from around the world.

 Register your interest and join the NIU consortium on the EASO website

IFSO2017 Leadership Report: Ken Clare, Acting Chair, EASO Patient Council

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) congress was held in London this year from 29 August - 2 September 2017.

Ken Clare, Acting Chair of EASO's Patient council tells us about his experience at the congress.

Read the full story on the EASO website

European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians: 'The Future is Now'

We hope to see you at the 10th EFAD Conference, held on the 29th and 30th of September 2017. Join us for networking and learning among the collegial European dietetic community. The 10th EFAD conference is themed 'The Future is Now.'

See full details including programming on the EFAD conference website
6th CECON Programme

The upcoming 6th Central European Congress on Obesity (CECON) and the 15th Slovak Congress on Obesity 2017, held 5-7 October 2017 will take place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The Congress will provide an excellent opportunity for interaction between delegates and experts and ample opportunities for researchers to present research and develop collaborations. The programme will include clinicians, practitioners, physicians, nutritionists, surgeons and researchers in obesity and obesity co-morbidities. 

The preliminary detailed programme is available now on the CECON website

Obesity Knowledge Transfer Series:
Free EASO Obesity Resource for Clinicians 

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our Obesity Knowledge Transfer Series (Obesity KTS), developed in partnership with mdBriefCase Group - a leading global provider of accredited, online education for healthcare professionals. These resources provide a comprehensive array of online resources, covering a global approach to obesity, tailored to meet the local needs in European countries. These bilingual obesity KTS resources are available free at the point of access, and are now available in Italy, Norway, and Finland. 

A multidisciplinary consortium involving 13 organizations in 9 European countries, MooDFOOD uses an integrative approach to understanding the relationship between nutrition, overweight and depression. MooDFOOD combines expertise in nutrition, preventive psychology, consumer behaviour and psychiatry.

Read the most recent newsletter from EU project MooDFOOD on the project website.
Post Doctoral Research Opportunity:

Professor Kirsi Pietiläinen's group at the Obesity Research Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland, is looking for a postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in obesity and related metabolic disorders. A special interest among the group is mitochondrial metabolism. Applications will be accepted through 31 October 2017

Visit the EASO website for further information and contact details
Location Announced
for ECO 2019

We are delighted to host the 2019 European Congress on Obesity from 
28 April - 1 May 2019 at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow.

Read more on the ECO 2019 website

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