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Call for Abstracts and Symposia
Join our 26th annual Congress, ECO 2019! Submit your symposium suggestions and abstracts on the ECO2019 website!
Online abstract submission and registration for #ECO2019 in Glasgow is now openSpread the word within your professional community and contribute to the scientific programme of the congress by submitting your abstract. The submission deadline is 28 December 2018

You can also help us create the congress programme by suggesting a full symposiumThe final date for receipt of suggestions is Friday, 23 November 2018We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Visit the ECO2019 website to explore themes for abstract submission and register your interest.

Visit Scotland

         Glasgow was voted the friendliest city in the world's most beautiful                  country. With rich cultural assets, fine art, Victorian architecture, castles          and cathedrals, Scotland is an ideal travel destination. Hope you can              join us! 
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EASO Newsletter September 2018
Thanks for participating in ECO2018. Join us for ECO2019 in Glasgow,
28 April -1 May 2019

Many thanks to all who participated in #ECO2018 in Vienna. We're already hard at work on your next European Congress on Obesity #ECO2019, and abstract submission is open!

See you in Glasgow 28 April - 1 May 2019

EASO NIU Autumn School 2018:
Hot Topics in Obesity

We are pleased to announce the 2018 EASO New Investigators United Autumn School will take place in Palma, Majorca from October 1-3, 2018. This residential educational course will deliver training to early career researchers and practitioners covering a wide range of topics. Join our NIU network!

Find out more
In this section we are pleased to share the latest EASO news, announcements and learning opportunities, and introduce you to EASO leadership
Spotlight on EASO President
Dr Nathalie Farpour-Lambert

Dr Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, paediatrician, child obesity expert and head of the Obesity Prevention and Care Program Contrepoids, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland, became the new President of the European Association for Study of Obesity (EASO) during ECO2018.

"Obesity and obesity-related diseases place a major strain on healthcare systems, both immediately and in terms of future health concerns. This has an impact not only on individuals but also on society as a whole; this ultimately impacts national economic growth."

Read the full interview on the EASO website
East Med Train the Trainer

Obesity is a key challenge to public health in Europe and the east Mediterannean region, however specialised obesity training is not widely available. Obesity care and public health strategies can therefore vary enormously across these regions. EASO education programmes provide a solution by offering comprehensive training for health professionals working in the prevention and management of obesity.

We will host a Train the Trainers session 23-24 September, 2018 at the Polat Renaissance Hotel Istanbul, Turkey. Applications are now closed but follow EASO news for future course offerings.

Read more on the EASO website

NIU: WHO Europe Internship Placement Opportunities

The European Association for the Study of Obesity is in formal relations with the World Health Organisation. The EASO NIU Network encourages interested colleagues to apply for WHO Europe Internship placements and the Junior Professional Officer Programme. The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) and internship programmes provides professionals at early stages of their careers with practical, multilateral and technical experience. Internships are not paid but JPO participants may be sponsored by your government

For more information please see the WHO website

EASO mdBriefCase Online Obesity KTS 
Now Available in Spain

Developed in collaboration with the mdBriefCase Group, a leading provider of online education, and Sociedad Española para el Estudio de la Obesidad (SEEDO), "Adult Obesity in Spain" is an accredited continuing professional development program designed for healthcare professionals in Spain. 

Access and enrollment are completely free. Registration includes access to the program and additional resources, videos, and publications to use within your practice
Treating Obesity as a Chronic Disease in Turkey

EASO was pleased to speak with Dr Yumuk, a founding member and the current president of the Turkish Association for the Study of Obesity; he has since 2011 been a member of the executive committee of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and currently sits as the Vice President responsible for the southern region of EASO.

Read the full story on the EASO website
EASO COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme

Obesity is recognised as one of Europe's priority health challenges, however specialised obesity services are not widely available and obesity care can therefore vary enormously across European regions. The EASO Exchange and Mentoring Programme provides a solution by supporting the establishment of centres that improve access to and delivery of care.

You can apply to the COMs Mentoring Programme  on the EASO website

Report of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group 
on Obesity

Sarah Le Brocq, Director, HOOP UK, comments on UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity Report


88% of people with obesity reported having been stigmatised, criticised or abused as a result of their obesity; 94% of people believe that there is not enough understanding about the causes of obesity amongst the public; 42% of people with obesity did not feel comfortable talking to their GP about their obesity.


Read the rest of the report on the EASO website

WCRF International Announces 
the 2018/2019 Grants Programme

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International) is now accepting grant applications for research on the links between diet, nutrition physical activity and cancer prevention and survival as part of their Regular Grant Programme 2018/2019 cycle. The deadline for applications is 4 October 2018.

Visit the WCRF website for more information on eligibility criteria

Weight Stigma in Health Care

Across society, weight-based stigmatization is pervasive; weight bias in health care settings is also an unfortunately common reality, with recent research from the Rudd Centre for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut confirming that 54% of adults with obesity report being bullied in the workplace.

Read more in this helpful brochure and visit the Rudd Center website

2018 EASO Policy Conference for #EOD2018

In conjunction with European Obesity Day (EOD) 2018, the 2018 EASO Policy Conference - "Obesity Policy in Europe: the need for Education, Treatment and Care" was held in Brussels on 17th May. at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels. The event was held and followed-up to the successful EASO policy conference held in May 2017.

A full report of the meeting is available on the EOD website

New KTS programme for GPs tailored for the UK

Announcing a new training tool offering CPD credit: Adult Obesity in the UK: Why Can't My Patient Lose Weight?. This free accredited online program is now available in conjunction with mdBriefCase

EASO supports the position of UK ASO opposing discrimination against people with obesity. 

Become a Part of the EASO
New Investigators United Consortium

EASO New Investigators United was established in 2005 and acts as an informal community for new investigators to collaborate on projects and to share experiences and expertise.  The NIU initiative combines an online community with an annual event at the European Congress on Obesity, where new professionals have an opportunity to meet, interact and share ideas with colleagues from around the world.

 Register your interest and join the NIU consortium on the EASO website

We are pleased to announce that volume 11 issue 3, June 2018 of OBESITY FACTS  (OFA) is online and open access

View the issue on the OFA website

We are pleased to share recent videos on EU project MooDFOOD. MooDFOOD is a large European consortium exploring the relationship between mood, nutrition, and obesity. MooDFOOD symposium videos are
available to view on the EASO website

Weight loss maintenance is difficult; the NoHoW project is helping people learn how to do it. NoHoW was pleased to present a well-attended symposium Self-regulation and emotion regulation in weight loss maintenance - working toward a consensus: The H2020 NoHoW Project at ECO2018. View the project explainer video, learn more about the project, the symposium and other NoHoW news on the project website

Cities Join Efforts to Help Communities Become More Active and Improve Citizen Health Globally

Cities across the world are being urged to sign up to the Global Active City programme, a new global health and physical activity promotion effort that is proven to increase individual and collective well-being among our increasingly urban populations.

We urge cities across Europe and around the world to sign up! The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) has developed standards, toolkits and training modules to support cities and their leaders to participate.

Find out more on the AWI website
ICO/ECO2020 in Dublin: save the dates

September 2018 Newsletter

We are delighted to announce the joint 2020 European Congress on Obesity #ECO2020, which will be held in conjunction with the International Congress on Obesity in Dublin, Ireland 17-20 May, 2020. 

With the General Data Protection Regulation changes instituted 25th May 2018, we want to ensure we are only communicating relevant information to you. To comply with these regulations, your opt -in to our communications means we can continue to send you the latest information on obesity education and training, research and policy, and news across our extensive networks. 

See below to unsubscribe. By unsubscribing you will miss out on EASO Newsletters and Bulletins, which include information about medical and scientific activities related to obesity in Europe and beyond.

EASO, Level 2, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8GT United Kingdom
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27/09/2018 22:22
17/05/2019 22:07  Dia Nacional e Europeu de Obesidade, 18 maio 2019
13/02/2019 17:05  ECO 2019 - 26th European Congress n Obesity, 28 April - 01 May, 2019 – Glasgow, Scotland
02/01/2019 16:28  22º Congresso Português de Obesidade
09/10/2018 21:49  World Obesity Day Update - Comunicado de Imprensa - 11 OUTUBRO - DIA MUNDIAL DA OBESIDADE - Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo da Obesidade (SPEO)
27/09/2018 22:22  European Association for the Study of Obesity - EASO
13/09/2018 9:45  Weekly news brief from World Obesity
13/07/2018 16:06  Tratamento farmacológico da obesidade no adulto - Posicionamento das Sociedades Espanhola e Portuguesa para o Estudo da Obesidade
21/05/2018 15:03  Dia Nacional e Eurpopeu da Obesidade, 2018
11/12/2017 12:07  21º Congresso Português de Obesidade, Aveiro, 24 a 26 de Novembro 2017.
06/07/2017 9:56  O NoHoW é um estudo científico a decorrer na Faculdade de Motricidade Humana e num total de 3 países em paralelo (Portugal, Reino Unido e Dinamarca), que tem como objetivo ajudar pessoas que perderam peso a manter o peso perdido.
09/03/2017 21:52  Dia Europeu da Obesidade 2017 - 20 de Maio
24/02/2017 15:15  World Kidney Day, 9 March 2017
29/11/2016 20:45  20º Congresso Português de Obesidade, Porto, 18 a 20 de Novembro 2016
30/05/2016 19:10  Dia Nacional e Europeu de Obesidade - 21 de Maio de 2016 -
26/01/2016 12:55  19º Congresso Português de Obesidade - Textos dos Resumos - Resumos Premiados - Novos Corpos Gerentes da SPEO
08/06/2015 14:38  2015 Milan Declaration: A Call to Action on Obesity
13/11/2014 18:21  18º Congresso Português de Obesidade, Aveiro, 24 a 26 de Outubro 2014.
20-08-2013 16:46  Processo Assistencial Integrado da Pré-Obesidade no Adulto
15-12-2011 11:56  Inventariação da investigação sobre obesidade em Portugal
12-12-2011 13:58  International Diabetes Federation
25-01-2011 10:57  PICO Programa de Intervenção Contra a Osteoartrose
23-07-2010 1:00  Presença Portuguesa no ICO 2010
12-02-2010 11:26  Novos periódicos internacionais na área da obesidade
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