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22º Congresso Português de Obesidade - Lisboa, 23 a 25 de novembro 2018

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Os resumos deverão ser submetidas exclusivamente online, em formulário próprio, aqui, até 15 setembro 2018

Os resumos não deverão ultrapassar as 300 palavras e deverão estar estruturados em Introdução, Métodos, Resultados e Conclusões, sempre que aplicável.

Após apreciação a decisão do júri será dada a conhecer por email aos primeiros autores em data a anunciar. Relembramos que os apresentadores dos trabalhos que vierem a ser aceites terão de estar inscritos no congresso até ao dia 15 outubro 2018.

Os resumos poderão ser submetidos/apresentados em português ou inglês.

Os resumos aceites para posters serão apresentados sob a forma de posters eletrónicos.

- Para mais esclarecimentos contacte p.f. o secretariado do congresso, através do email

15/09/2018 22:19
Weekly news brief from World Obesity
Knowledge | Solutions | Action 
World Obesity Federation’s Member Newsletter - September 2018
News from our Chief Executive Johanna Ralston

Welcome to the latest newsletter from World Obesity! We are in the midst of a truly exciting time as we see obesity on the agenda at the United Nations High-level Meeting on NCDs, the issue of weight stigma up front and centre during our upcoming World Obesity Day.  We are also expanding SCOPE trainings and Health Systems research to better understand how obesity is addressed in different health systems, and to ensure professionals are trained to manage it. 
Our work in childhood obesity includes the launch of the EU partnership CO-CREATE, and our joint report with the World Health Organization on the status of implementing policies prioritised by the WHO’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO), is launching this month in New York. 

Thanks for all for your support and contributions on these initiatives. As always, we welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions to make our shared mission more effective.

World Obesity Day - 11 October 2018

This year, our focus is on weight stigma.  We want to #EndWeightStigma by shining a spotlight on the stigmatising language and images often used by the media, healthcare providers and society at large. Look out for our weekly communications that will lead up to #WorldObesityDay Further information on World Obesity Day can be found here and don't forget to register for the World Obesity webinar on September 19th to find out more about this campaign.

Call for Case Studies: Have you or someone you know experienced weight discrimination? If so, the World Obesity Federation wants to hear from you. Complete the short survey by Friday 14th September to get involved:
World Obesity Webinars - register now!

This month we have two webinars for you to join:

1. Implementing soda taxes: lessons for Europe - This webinar will take place on September 13th, 10.00-11:30. Speakers include:
  • Robert Marten, LSHTM – Why should European countries adopt SSB taxes?
  • Bryony Sinclair & Fiona Sing, WCRF International – State of play across Europe and lessons learned
  • Tim Lobstein, World Obesity Federation – Hungarian experience: addressing inequalities
  • Kawther Hashem, Action on Sugar – UK experience: promoting reformulation
  • Pamela Naidoo, The Heart & Stroke Foundation SA – South African experience: lessons for Europe
Click here to register for the Soda Tax webinar

2. World Obesity Day - Weight Stigma - This webinar is scheduled for September 19th 16.00-17.00 BST and will focus on the World Obesity Day theme 'Weight Stigma.' There will be a summary of the campaign and how to get involved, presentations from various members and advocates plus guest speaker Stuart Flint talking on 'Weight Stigma and the Media'.
Please click here to register for the World Obesity Day webinar

Campaign Update

UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs – get involved now!
With the UN High-level Meeting on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) fast approaching, it’s not too late for you to get involved!
The meeting, which is being held on 27th September in New York City, currently has over 50 Heads of State confirmed to attend and give statements. It’s great that commitment has been shown by these countries, but with around 30 slots still remaining, we need your help to encourage your Head of State to attend the meeting and commit to actions that will prevent NCDs, including obesity. We urge you to contact your national delegation to ask them to focus on the importance of including obesity in Universal Health Coverage, addressing childhood obesity and for governments to implement policies which address the commercial and social determinants of obesity. Please email us at if you would like some support in writing your letters.
We want to ensure that this unique opportunity is not missed, and that the need to implement policies to reduce, manage and treat obesity is fully recognised at the highest level! Thank you for your help!      
Obesity and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Accelerating Innovative Partnerships

Together with World Economic Forum, NCD Child, Healthy Caribbean Coalition and Novo Nordisk, World Obesity are hosting a side event to discuss obesity in the context of the SDG’s. Following on from the success of the WHA side event, the group hopes to ensure that politicians and civil society alike continue to raise the importance of obesity as a disease and a risk factor for a number of non-communicable diseases (NCD’s). This event is an invite only meeting but notes will be available shortly afterwards with key points and next steps to follow – all available on the World Obesity website. However, if you are in New York for the UN High-level meeting and are interested in attending at short notice (if there are spaces available) please contact before the 21st September.
Upcoming Workshop: Current Status and Response to the Global Obesity Pandemic

Obesity is a global pandemic with rates at least doubling in more than 70 countries since 1980. Many countries now face a “double burden,” where undernutrition coexists with overnutrition.
On October 9th, the Roundtable on Obesity Solutions will host a workshop to explore the current state of obesity globally, global prevention and treatment efforts, and the complexity of the global approach to managing the obesity epidemic. The workshop will include perspectives on the implications of obesity as a global problem for prevention and treatment efforts in the US, with an emphasis on reducing disparities. Register to attend via webcast. For more information, visit the Academies’ website.

When: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM ET, Tuesday, October 9
Watch: This event will be webcast live - Register to attend

Please note that World Obesity's Director of Health Systems & Professional Education, Dr. Olivia Barata Cavalcanti, will be attending this event so please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the World Obesity Healthy Systems Project.

Events Industry Calisthetics Conference to Support World Obesity’s Healthy Venues Initiative

The first dedicated conference on Calisthetics, aimed specifically for the global events community is set to take place 7 November in London’s iconic Ministry of Sound AKA Ministry Does Fitness. The event will see sports figures of every kind giving inspiration to a business audience of event professionals on how they can create healthier events for the thousands of delegates that are entrusted into their care every day. 
The event has obvious synergies with the work being done by World Obesity though it’s Healthy Venues Award initiative, and Jason Allan Scott, Calisthetics Founder and Event Organiser of the conference is keen to promote the link between the events industry and the addressing of global obesity.
“it is widely recognised that many of the underlying determinants of inequalities in health and well-being, including for example, our built environment and our communities, must be dealt with in a collaborative manner,” comments Scott. “I’m proud to work, through my roles with in both Calisthetics and the events industry, to help World Obesity and its Healthy Venues initiative tackle this important subject.”
“It starts with the encouragement from venues to event organisers, then organisers to brands and business’s. And, if a business looks after its clients and its community, then the community and clients will look after the business. Venues and event organisers are realising what pillars they can be in affecting the lives of the millions of people they look after every day; our conference has the objective to achieve just that.” 
The subject of the conference is one close to Scott’s heart, as is the vital role event organisers can play in enriching the lives of their guests, delegates, or communities. He concludes: “As someone whose health and wellness was put to the test with MS, I’ve seen first-hand how incredible the events community is in adopting a better understanding of health and wellness in work spaces. It’s my mission to continue to work with the events industry to make a positive global impact upon the Obesity crisis.“
More opportunities to get involved with World Obesity..

Obesity Health Systems Project

The Obesity Health Systems Project involves finding out how people living with obesity get access to treatment, reviewing the pathways taken by individuals living with obesity as they enter, move through and exit the health system in different countries. Every country will have different pathways with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. You can help by completing our Obesity Health Systems Survey.
If you wish to respond from a personal perspective and you are living with obesity please click here
If you wish to respond as a healthcare provider please click here

SCOPE - Improving Patient Care
World Obesity is looking for patients to complete a short survey on their experience of being treated for their weight. The responses will be used to create an e-learning module for health professionals on World Obesity’s educational platform, SCOPE, with the aim of improving patient care. The survey can be accessed here. There is also a second version of the survey for health professionals which can be accessed here. We would greatly appreciate if these surveys could be disseminated to as many patients and health professionals as possible. The deadline for completing the surveys is Monday, 1st October.
An update on the CO-CREATE Project

This month World Obesity Federation took part in an expert meeting between key European partners as part of a process of mapping out a new physical activity framework. The development of the framework, which is being led by World Cancer Research Fund International and follows soon after the publication of the WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Health is part of the CO-CREATE project of which World Obesity Federation is a key partner. The project is a five year programme funded as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, which uses a systems approach and includes youth involvement as a key component in the analysis of childhood obesity policy. 
Conferences and Events
SCOPE School Brazil - Register Now!

Looking for world-class obesity education?

Then you need to attend our next SCOPE School in Brazil on 24th November 2018

The theme of the school is ‘Advances in Medical Management of Obesity.’ The school will earn you 4 of the 12 SCOPE points required for SCOPE Certification! Earn the remaining 8 points by completing modules on the SCOPE E-Learning platform which is available in Portuguese. For further information contact:

Here’s what our Scope School London enjoyed and what you could expect at all Scope Schools
and Scope e-learning:
Scope School & E-Learning Platform
Save the Date!
The Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO) are pleased to announce the 13th National Congress on Obesity, which will be held on the 28th February - 2nd March 2019, in Athens, Greece.
The Annual World Congress of International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO 2018)

The 23rd edition of the annual world congress of International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO 2018) will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 26th – 29th September 2018, under the Presidency of Dr. Ali Khammas, President of the Emirates Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

IFSO 2018 is an international event which running over four days for healthcare professionals to discuss the ever increasing challenges and recent advances in the management of adiposity based chronic diseases. This year IFSO 2018 has received a record number of 1,165 abstract submissions from 61 countries and has been approved with 20.5 CME Points for Congress & 7.5 CME Points for Post Graduate Courses by Dubai Health Authority. Delegates can also earn 18 CME Points for Congress & 6 CME Points for Post Graduate Courses by the European Accreditation Council on CME (EACCME®).

Please visit the official IFSO website for online registration, post graduate courses, accommodation, visa services, airport transfers and further information on the Congress.
World Obesity are holding a Symposium at IFSO 2018

During IFSO 2018 in Dubai, World Obesity will be holding a symposium on the 27th of September 16:30-18:00 entitled 'Gut as key modulator of bariatric surgery effect'.
Topics include:
Gastro intestinal changes after bariatric surgery
Bile acids after bariatric surgery procedures
Bile and sodium tracking and link with metabolism

Finally, our next newsletter will be sent out in November 2018, so please don't forget to get in touch if you have any updates or news that you would like to share with the World Obesity network.

Knowledge | Solutions | Action 
July Newsletter
Hello from World Obesity! This month our newsletter features:

  • CO-Create kick-off meeting in Oslo
  • World Cup obesity scorecard
  • New Healthy Venue
  • UN Interactive Stakeholder Hearing on NCDs
  • Management and Advocacy for Providers, Patients, and Systems
  • Forthcoming World Obesity Events
  • The latest research on obesity in our four journals

Keep updated and tell us your news by following us on Twitter: @WorldObesity
CO-CREATE kicks off in Oslo
This month saw the kick off of a new childhood obesity project which World Obesity Federation is leading with a consortium of other international NGOs, research organisations and academic institutions. Confronting Obesity: Co-creating policy with youth (or CO-CREATE for short) is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research Programme for Sustainable Food Security and will run for a period of 5 years.

A key element of the project will be to put young people at the heart of creating, informing and disseminating policies to tackle obesity among their peers. The project sees adolescence as a crucial age-group with increasing autonomy and soon to be the next generation of adults, parents and policymakers, and thus important agents for change. CO-CREATE sees youth involvement as an essential component to the development of policies which are aimed at them, and thus the project aims to involve and empower adolescents and youth organisations to foster a participatory process of identifying and formulating relevant policies, assessing the options with other private and public actors, promoting relevant policy actions and developing tools and strategies for implementation.

The consortium of 14 international organisations came together in Oslo, Norway on 27 – 28 June to launch the project and discuss in detail the way forward. World Obesity Federation will be responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project outputs.

UN Interactive Stakeholder Hearing on NCDs
On Thursday July 5th, World Obesity Federation’s President, Donna Ryan, and CEO, Johanna Ralston, were joined by Members from India, Brazil and USA in New York at the UN Interactive Stakeholder Hearing on NCDs. The meeting bought together civil society organisations and other stakeholders as a key part of the preparatory process toward the third UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs, which will be held on September 27th. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for World Obesity Federation to highlight the importance of addressing obesity as part of the global efforts to reduce NCDs, and the need to recognise obesity, not just as a risk factor related to nutrition, but a disease in its own right requiring prevention, management and treatment. The Interactive Hearing also provided an opportunity to feed into the Zero Draft of the Outcome Document for the High-Level Meeting.

World Obesity has also written a brief statement on the Zero Draft Outcome document which has been sent to the co-chairs of the High-level meeting, Italy and Uruguay. In this we welcome the inclusion of OP9 which focuses on obesity, and we are encouraging members to do the same ahead of the formal Mission negotiations taking place on 9th, 11th and 19th July (the first already took place on 29th June). The outcome document is here, and our statement can be viewed here 
World Cup Obesity Scorecard
As part of our Obese Planet campaign we have create a scorecard to highlight the obesity levels in the countries playing in the World Cup

Each team’s strip shows the percentage of adults who are overweight or obese in that country. The numbers alongside show rates of childhood obesity and their overall global ranking.

Governments have the tools to tackle what is a gateway disease to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Fiscal interventions such as the soda tax, investment in physical activity, and prioritisation of childhood obesity are all proven to be successful interventions. It’s time to blow the final whistle on obesity. 

See how your country score here.
Advocacy Training for Patients 
To coincide with World Obesity Day, World Obesity will be holding a Summit to explore ways in which people living with obesity believe society and healthcare professionals are able to help them better manage their weight; as well as reviewing the recent UN HLM, which is have taken place prior to the meeting. In addition, delegates will receive training on advocating on global issues. This will also be a great networking opportunity for patients.
The Summit will take place in London on 10/11th October and travel expenses will be covered. Places are limited so if you have patient representatives in your organisation who are interested in advocacy training, please contact Fiona Montague for further information. 
MiCo become a Healthy Venue!
We are delighted to announce that MiCo in Milan have become a Bronze Healthy Venue! You can read a quote from their CEO below:

'MiCo is proud to have joined the restricted club of the Heathy Venues, a small group that we hope will soon grow into a big family”, says Francesco Conci, CEO of Fiera Milano Congressi, the company that manages the prestigious convention centre in Milan. “MiCo wants to pay more and more attention to the wellbeing and comfort of its guests as well as those daily working at the facility”.

In fact, MiCo is one of the main Congress Centers in Europe, and as a fundamental asset of its territory, it intends to put itself more and more as an active subject able to promote all those best practices that entail a better use of the territory, both in terms of wellbeing and of green and sustainable practices, with great attention also to the needs of disadvantaged people. “Precisely because the whole world looks at us, we cannot avoid to launch messages that are so important for everyone”.

Healthy Venues is an award which aims to reduce the negative health impacts of conference going.The award encourages venues to support their customers, visitors and staff in making healthier choices and to minimise the negative health impacts of conference-going.

If you'd like to find out more about the award or recommend to a venue, click here!
Forthcoming World Obesity Events

World Obesity are holding a Symposium at the 23rd World Congress International Federation for The Surgery of Obesity And Metabolic Disorders

IFSO 2018 in Dubai will bring together world leaders in metabolic and bariatric surgery to educate, discuss and collaborate. The committee is planning a superb scientific programme that promises a unique opportunity for all those interested in obesity and metabolic surgery.

World Obesity will be holding a symposium on the 27th of September 16:30-18:00

  • Gastro intestinal changes after bariatric surgery
  • Bile acids after bariatric surgery procedures
  • Bile and sodium tracking and link with metabolism

SCOPE Schools 2018
Don’t miss out on our SCOPE Schools!
SCOPE Schools are one-day courses providing participants with the opportunity to learn from our international experts, discuss ideas and share case studies and experiences. The courses are SCOPE and CPD accredited (CME pending) and will count towards your SCOPE Certification.
SCOPE School Brazil 2018

World Obesity Events Mobile App

Download the app and keep updated on the latest information on the programme, speakers, sponsors, tweets, live chats and enhance your event learning experience!
Events Scholarship

The World Obesity Federation is offering scholarship to those who are unable to attend our events otherwise.

For full details of eligibility criteria and application, please click here.

Management and Advocacy for Providers, Patients, and Systems (MAPPS)

Opportunities to be involved with our Health Systems Project

Calling World Obesity members and collaborators: can you share your in-country intelligence for a new World Obesity project?
What’s the Project? We are starting to map the pathways taken by individuals with obesity as they enter, move through and exit the health system in different countries. Each country’s health system will inevitably have different paths with their own particular strengths and weaknesses which we hope to better understand and learn from.
What can I do to help? Please complete this 5-10 minute preliminary survey aimed at gathering an overview of health service pathways for obesity in your country.  We would be interested in discussing this topic in more detail, if you would be willing to be involved, please leave your email address we will get in touch to arrange a short interview. Select here to complete Survey. Thank you
What next?

As we get into the swing of summer do not forget that there is still work to be done in the run up to the UN High-level meeting. Obese Planet has been designed to house all the documents you might need and the actions you can take to help ensure that obesity is remains at the forefront of our politicians minds! Click here and go to the resources page for more details.
Also keep your eyes peeled for information on World Obesity Day which will be coming in the next few weeks. This year’s theme is Stigma and we shall be announcing ways in which you can participate as we run up to 11th October. Keep checking our website
World Obesity Journals
Obesity Reviews (Impact Factor 7.883)

The new edition of Obesity Reviews is now available to view! Take a look at the following articles, currently available for free:

Visit Obesity Reviews' Early View page to be the first to read the latest research.
Pediatric Obesity (Impact Factor 3.689) 

Take a look at the editor's choice, the following article is available to view for free:

Read the latest research from Pediatric Obesity via Early View.

Obesity Science & Practice

The latest edition of Obesity Science & Practice is still available to view. Obesity Science & Practice is free each month via open access. Take a look at the following articles:

Find the latest research from Obesity Science & Practice via Early View.

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European Association for the Study of Obesity - EASO

EASO Newsletter September 2018
Thanks for participating in ECO2018. Join us for ECO2019 in Glasgow,
28 April -1 May 2019

Many thanks to all who participated in #ECO2018 in Vienna. We're already hard at work on your next European Congress on Obesity #ECO2019, and abstract submission is open!

See you in Glasgow 28 April - 1 May 2019

EASO NIU Autumn School 2018:
Hot Topics in Obesity

We are pleased to announce the 2018 EASO New Investigators United Autumn School will take place in Palma, Majorca from October 1-3, 2018. This residential educational course will deliver training to early career researchers and practitioners covering a wide range of topics. Join our NIU network!

Find out more
In this section we are pleased to share the latest EASO news, announcements and learning opportunities, and introduce you to EASO leadership
Spotlight on EASO President
Dr Nathalie Farpour-Lambert

Dr Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, paediatrician, child obesity expert and head of the Obesity Prevention and Care Program Contrepoids, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland, became the new President of the European Association for Study of Obesity (EASO) during ECO2018.

"Obesity and obesity-related diseases place a major strain on healthcare systems, both immediately and in terms of future health concerns. This has an impact not only on individuals but also on society as a whole; this ultimately impacts national economic growth."

Read the full interview on the EASO website
East Med Train the Trainer

Obesity is a key challenge to public health in Europe and the east Mediterannean region, however specialised obesity training is not widely available. Obesity care and public health strategies can therefore vary enormously across these regions. EASO education programmes provide a solution by offering comprehensive training for health professionals working in the prevention and management of obesity.

We will host a Train the Trainers session 23-24 September, 2018 at the Polat Renaissance Hotel Istanbul, Turkey. Applications are now closed but follow EASO news for future course offerings.

Read more on the EASO website

NIU: WHO Europe Internship Placement Opportunities

The European Association for the Study of Obesity is in formal relations with the World Health Organisation. The EASO NIU Network encourages interested colleagues to apply for WHO Europe Internship placements and the Junior Professional Officer Programme. The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) and internship programmes provides professionals at early stages of their careers with practical, multilateral and technical experience. Internships are not paid but JPO participants may be sponsored by your government

For more information please see the WHO website

EASO mdBriefCase Online Obesity KTS 
Now Available in Spain

Developed in collaboration with the mdBriefCase Group, a leading provider of online education, and Sociedad Española para el Estudio de la Obesidad (SEEDO), "Adult Obesity in Spain" is an accredited continuing professional development program designed for healthcare professionals in Spain. 

Access and enrollment are completely free. Registration includes access to the program and additional resources, videos, and publications to use within your practice
Treating Obesity as a Chronic Disease in Turkey

EASO was pleased to speak with Dr Yumuk, a founding member and the current president of the Turkish Association for the Study of Obesity; he has since 2011 been a member of the executive committee of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and currently sits as the Vice President responsible for the southern region of EASO.

Read the full story on the EASO website
EASO COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme

Obesity is recognised as one of Europe's priority health challenges, however specialised obesity services are not widely available and obesity care can therefore vary enormously across European regions. The EASO Exchange and Mentoring Programme provides a solution by supporting the establishment of centres that improve access to and delivery of care.

You can apply to the COMs Mentoring Programme  on the EASO website

Report of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group 
on Obesity

Sarah Le Brocq, Director, HOOP UK, comments on UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity Report


88% of people with obesity reported having been stigmatised, criticised or abused as a result of their obesity; 94% of people believe that there is not enough understanding about the causes of obesity amongst the public; 42% of people with obesity did not feel comfortable talking to their GP about their obesity.


Read the rest of the report on the EASO website

WCRF International Announces 
the 2018/2019 Grants Programme

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International) is now accepting grant applications for research on the links between diet, nutrition physical activity and cancer prevention and survival as part of their Regular Grant Programme 2018/2019 cycle. The deadline for applications is 4 October 2018.

Visit the WCRF website for more information on eligibility criteria

Weight Stigma in Health Care

Across society, weight-based stigmatization is pervasive; weight bias in health care settings is also an unfortunately common reality, with recent research from the Rudd Centre for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut confirming that 54% of adults with obesity report being bullied in the workplace.

Read more in this helpful brochure and visit the Rudd Center website

2018 EASO Policy Conference for #EOD2018

In conjunction with European Obesity Day (EOD) 2018, the 2018 EASO Policy Conference - "Obesity Policy in Europe: the need for Education, Treatment and Care" was held in Brussels on 17th May. at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels. The event was held and followed-up to the successful EASO policy conference held in May 2017.

A full report of the meeting is available on the EOD website

New KTS programme for GPs tailored for the UK

Announcing a new training tool offering CPD credit: Adult Obesity in the UK: Why Can't My Patient Lose Weight?. This free accredited online program is now available in conjunction with mdBriefCase

EASO supports the position of UK ASO opposing discrimination against people with obesity. 

Become a Part of the EASO
New Investigators United Consortium

EASO New Investigators United was established in 2005 and acts as an informal community for new investigators to collaborate on projects and to share experiences and expertise.  The NIU initiative combines an online community with an annual event at the European Congress on Obesity, where new professionals have an opportunity to meet, interact and share ideas with colleagues from around the world.

 Register your interest and join the NIU consortium on the EASO website

We are pleased to announce that volume 11 issue 3, June 2018 of OBESITY FACTS  (OFA) is online and open access

View the issue on the OFA website

We are pleased to share recent videos on EU project MooDFOOD. MooDFOOD is a large European consortium exploring the relationship between mood, nutrition, and obesity. MooDFOOD symposium videos are
available to view on the EASO website

Weight loss maintenance is difficult; the NoHoW project is helping people learn how to do it. NoHoW was pleased to present a well-attended symposium Self-regulation and emotion regulation in weight loss maintenance - working toward a consensus: The H2020 NoHoW Project at ECO2018. View the project explainer video, learn more about the project, the symposium and other NoHoW news on the project website

Cities Join Efforts to Help Communities Become More Active and Improve Citizen Health Globally

Cities across the world are being urged to sign up to the Global Active City programme, a new global health and physical activity promotion effort that is proven to increase individual and collective well-being among our increasingly urban populations.

We urge cities across Europe and around the world to sign up! The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) has developed standards, toolkits and training modules to support cities and their leaders to participate.

Find out more on the AWI website
ICO/ECO2020 in Dublin: save the dates

September 2018 Newsletter

We are delighted to announce the joint 2020 European Congress on Obesity #ECO2020, which will be held in conjunction with the International Congress on Obesity in Dublin, Ireland 17-20 May, 2020. 

With the General Data Protection Regulation changes instituted 25th May 2018, we want to ensure we are only communicating relevant information to you. To comply with these regulations, your opt -in to our communications means we can continue to send you the latest information on obesity education and training, research and policy, and news across our extensive networks. 

See below to unsubscribe. By unsubscribing you will miss out on EASO Newsletters and Bulletins, which include information about medical and scientific activities related to obesity in Europe and beyond.

EASO, Level 2, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8GT United Kingdom
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Constant Contact
07/09/2018 10:36
World Obesity Day Update

World Obesity Day Update
Dear Members, Advocates and Champions,

Welcome to the first in a series of weekly communications that will lead up to #WorldObesityDay on 11th October 2018. 

This year, our focus is on weight stigma.  

We want to #EndWeightStigma by shining a spotlight on the stigmatising language and images used by the media, healthcare providers and society at large.
Help us end weight stigma this #WorldObesityDay
Each week in the lead up to #WorldObesityDay we’ll share ideas on how you can engage with media, healthcare providers and other organisations to help #EndWeightStigma. We’ll also provide you with resources to support your activity on World Obesity Day.

Additionally, we will share what World Obesity and our members and supporters are doing on and around the day. 

We’ll be sharing all the tools and resources you need over the coming weeks at the dedicated site:
/ What is World Obesity Day? 
World Obesity Day was launched in 2015 as an annual campaign to stimulate and support practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to reverse the global obesity crisis. 

The number of adults living with obesity continues to rise. On current trends, 2.7billion adults worldwide will live with obesity by 2025, of which 177 million adults will be in need of treatment as a result of severe obesity. 

This #WorldObesityDay we are asking you to help us #EndWeightStigma by calling out examples of stigma and prejudice in the media and online.

/ Why focus on stigma?
Weight stigma is pervasive in countries around the world – and we all have a role to play to help end it. Here’s why:
  • Stigmatising obesity undermines people’s health and makes it harder to seek support
  • Negative images and language reinforce stigma around obesityModern environments encourage and promote unhealthy lifestyles. Obesity is not about individual blame but shared responsibility in society
  • A positive, supportive narrative between clinicians and their patients will increase the effectiveness of care.
/ How can we end stigma?
This #WorldObesityDay there are four calls to action:

  • to help end weight stigma we need… Media to abandon the use of negative images and language about obesity.

  • to help end weight stigma we need… Health care providers to acknowledge the environmental factors that cause obesity, which will improve support and efficacy during diagnosis and treatment. 

  • to help end weight stigma we need… Greater awareness that there are multiple sources of weight stigma and greater understanding of the steps to avoid it such as at work or at school.

  • to help end weight stigma we need… Government action to improve the environments we live in, rather than focus on individual responsibility and blame.
/ World Obesity Day materials and resources 
There are a range of tools and resources to support this year’s #WorldObesityDay. More will be available over the coming weeks so please keep checking the webpages.

Advocacy toolkit 
We’ve prepared advice on how to help #EndWeightStigma in your country or community. This includes more detail on how you can get involved and advice on non-stigmatising solutions. Click here to access the toolkit

On 19 September 2018 at 4pm BST we are hosting a webinar on World Obesity Day theme 'Weight Stigma' and will include a summary of the campaign and how to get involved. Johanna Ralston will chair the webinar with presentations from various members and advocates plus guest speaker Stuart Flint talking on 'Weight Stigma and the Media'. If you are able to join us, please register by following this link

Image Bank
World Obesity has an image bank filled with non-stigmatising images. They are completely free to use and very easy to download. You can consider using the images in presentations, reports and other materials you may produce as part of your work.

Case studies – we need your help 
Do you know anyone who has experienced obesity stigma? If so, we want to hear from you. We’re on the hunt for compelling real-life stories and experiences that clearly demonstrate the impact of stigma. Direct experiences and personal stories will help the media and healthcare providers realise the consequences of stigma and encourage them to change attitudes towards people with obesity.

We have provided an on-line form (with guidelines) for you to complete which you can access by clicking here. We are looking for anything from a short quote reflecting on your experience through to a more detailed story of up to 300 words. Deadline for submissions is Friday 14th September
/ What next?
In the coming weeks there will be more information on our plans for #WorldObesityDay and how you can get involved.

This includes plans for social media, a template press release and template letters to media.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please contact us at
You can tweet us @WorldObesity and use #WorldObesityDay or #EndWeightStigma

All information and resources will be added to our World Obesity Day website as it becomes available.
Thank you for helping us #EndWeightStigma.

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Tratamento farmacológico da obesidade no adulto - Posicionamento das Sociedades Espanhola e Portuguesa para o Estudo da Obesidade
Imagens da apresentação do consenso ibérico sobre a obesidade

Destaques na imprensa espanhola .

Outros destaques dados na imprensa espanhola

Destaques em Portugal